Introducing Tooth Hero 

from New Realm Technology

The app that gets your kids to stop fussing and start brushing. Tooth Hero is an interactive game aimed at engaging and amusing children and eliminating cavities!

Teaching good brushing habits has never been so much fun!

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How Does Tooth Hero Work?

The App engages kids by having them join forces with Tooth Hero characters such as Molar the Magnificent, Flora The Tooth Fairy and K-Nine to defeat Jack the Plaque and his minions who are plotting to cause cavities and destruction in your child’s mouth.

Using Augmented Reality, kids can see themselves as the HERO defeating Jack the Plaque as they brush. The Tooth Hero game takes 2 minutes to play and during that time, your child is directed to brush all 4 BATTLE STATIONS (quadrants) in their mouth.  Distracted by the fun of defeating Jack the Plaque and his minions, 2 minutes fly by and before you know it, the tooth brushing is done!

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